Impact investing via Private Debt

When analyzing trends in global capital market, one of the most interesting recent developments has been the prominence that impact […]

Saiba Mais

Why institutional investors should consider investing in Private Debt

In early 2018, alternative investment advisor, Tower Watson, published a study whose title sums up quite objectively the main reason […]

Saiba Mais

The next generation of credit

At Captalys, we tend to look at credit in a historical perspective to try to understand its future trajectory. One […]

Saiba Mais

Is Private Debt the holy grail of investments?

The great challenge of being a professional investor is nothing new: protecting your capital while generating returns to make it […]

Saiba Mais

Credit as a common good

In the much talked-about book, Sapiens, Yuval Nah Harari quite successfully attempts to provide a history of Humankind in 443 […]

Saiba Mais


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